Cooperation with KTH

Centre for the Future of Places, aside from being an International Hub for Research on Future of Places, will also act as binding glue within the ABE School when it comes to kindred research at different departments at the School. Various types of research pertaining to public spaces will be commissioned and work in joint projects will be set up.

KTH is a world leader in urban research including emerging issues such as urban security, social justice, and the effects of the built environment on physical and mental health. KTH maintains worldwide collaboration with urban researchers, and has expanded its strategic relationships with key partner universities in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Behavioural research on how individuals, firms and organisations interact with the built environment is being developed by KTH in fields including industrial economics, urban planning, transport studies, philosophy, environmental psychology, computer science and communication.

KTH - School of Architecture and the Built Environment, already combines most research disciplines needed for the centre and has developed new inter and cross-disciplinary educational programs & projects in the sustainable development of the built environment and new research area incubators such as the new KTH – ABE School Environmental Humanities Laboratory  , the Centre for Sustainable Built Environment  , and the recent addition of the Open Lab

The center will facilitate collaborate with researchers from Architecture, Real Estate Economics, Transport sciences, Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Sciences and others; collaboration through other Swedish Universities will continue and build upon the established connections with researchers that have been associated with the Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory (CAL) and Future of Places International Forum (FOP) Projects.

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Last changed: Oct 17, 2017